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Based in Houston, Texas, Musick Law Office PLLC provides vigorous defense representation for clients confined within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) system. We understand that being considered for parole is an important and intimidating experience. When your life and liberty are on the line, you need a skilled parole attorney to stand between you and the system and plead your case. Additionally, once on parole, an experienced parole lawyer can help when facing a parole revocation.

Parole Packets

A parole packet (also called a parole package or parole brief) is a compilation of materials which are used to demonstrate to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles why an inmate is worth the risk of letting out on parole. You and your family will play a key role in gathering information to be presented to the Board of Pardons and Paroles while a qualified parole attorney guides you and your family, compiles materials, and presents your case to the board.

Parole Hearing Representation

At Musick Law Office PLLC, we prepare specialized parole packets to emphasize your specific, unique circumstances. We request an in-person, telephone, or Zoom interview with voting parole board members as well as assist you in constructing a parole packet to demonstrate the stable and supportive life and environment that awaits you upon release. We will also take the time to help you understand the parole process and prepare you for your parole interview. Upon completion, a strong parole packet generally will include the following:

  • A letter from the inmate,
  • A letter indicating future employment opportunities,
  • Support letters from friends, family, previous employers, previous teachers, and others to indicate a strong and supportive system to aid you in success upon release,
  • Support letters related to housing, transportation, and other necessities upon release,
  • Background information that portrays good behavior and productivity in society, and
  • Any additional information or documentation which may be helpful to voting members, such as education, courses completed within TDCJ, or employment history.

For information regarding the inmate, parole information, which parole board will be reviewing their case, and more regarding parole, you can visit

Due to the importance of the preparation and presentation of parole packets, we urge you to start preparing as far as one year in advance of your expected hearing date.

Parole Revocation Representation

Following the parole conditions placed upon you is vital to your success on parole. If you have been charged with a parole supervision rules violation, you may be issued a “blue warrant.” When a “blue warrant” is issued, generally, no bail will be available. We can represent you at the subsequent parole hearing where the alleged violation(s) will be reviewed.

If you have been given a parole revocation hearing date, we can assist you with aggressive advocacy to avoid further incarceration in TDCJ. Grounds for revocation can be:

  • Initial ineligibility,
  • Arrests while on parole,
  • Violation of a condition of your release, and
  • Evidence of a behavior which demonstrates a continuing danger to society.

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