Criminal Law

Based in Houston, Texas, Musick Law Office PLLC provides vigorous defense representation for clients accused of state and federal crimes. We understand that being charged with a crime is a frightening and intimidating experience. When your life and liberty are on the line, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney to stand between you and the government and fight for your rights. Our firm handles all types of felony and misdemeanor charges.

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Family Violence

Violence involving family members or cohabitants is especially difficult because there are often close emotional ties between defendant and victim. The Texas Penal Code imposes strict penalties for offenses against the family, often requiring a protective order, fines, and even jail time if the conduct was especially violent. Our firm has assisted clients involved in many types of family violence matters, and we have particular expertise handling cases involving children.

Theft Crimes

Theft and fraud-related crimes are particularly threatening to a defendant’s permanent criminal record because they are considered crimes of moral turpitude, which are viewed extremely negatively by employers, licensing boards, and government agencies. We help clients mitigate the impact of these charges and minimize the damage to their personal lives in the event of conviction. Clients have sought our experienced legal services for a wide array of theft charges, including robbery, burglary, fraud, and forgery.

Drug Crimes

Our attorneys have experience defending clients against a range of drug-related charges, including cultivation, possession, and other personal use charges. If your vehicle was stopped and searched, resulting in a drug charge, we will fully investigate the police conduct surrounding your detention, arrest, or post-arrest interrogation, and determine the most viable course of legal action to defend you against the charges.


Under Texas law, arson is the act of starting a fire or causing an explosion for the purpose of destroying or damaging land, buildings, or vehicles. A defendant may also be charged with arson if he or she recklessly sets a fire or sets off an explosion without regard for the safety of other people or property. Arson is a serious crime carrying severe penalties, including large fines and jail time; and in the event that someone dies because of the fire, homicide charges may also attach. Given the serious implications of an arson charge, it is imperative to retain experienced criminal defense counsel as soon as possible.

Criminal Investigations

Even before official charges have been filed, it is important to retain counsel if you are under investigation for a crime. Once you have legal representation, law enforcement must communicate with your attorney instead of directly with you, and in some cases, we can negotiate with law enforcement so that you may surrender yourself for the booking process, rather than face a public arrest.

Expunction & Sealing of Records

A clean criminal record is an undeniable asset whether you are looking for gainful employment or are currently employed and seeking advancement. Expunction is the extraction and isolation of a criminal record so that it is no longer publicly available. Once a record is expunged or sealed, you may state on most employment applications, and in other situations, that you have not been arrested or convicted of a crime. We can assess your record, determine your eligibility for expunction, and file expunction requests on your behalf.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) / Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

DWI/DUI is a serious offense in Texas. If you have been arrested for a DWI/DUI offense, you may be facing serious fines, a loss of your driving privileges, probation, and even potential jail time. Our attorneys have helped clients defeat DWI/DUI charges, negotiate reduced penalties, and obtain minimum penalties in the event of a conviction. Please see our DWI/DUI page for more information about these charges, and see our license suspension page for more information about retaining or regaining your driver’s license after an arrest.


Our attorneys represent clients who have been charged with assault in Texas courts. Whether you have been charged with abuse, aggravated assault, or were arrested after a domestic dispute, our experienced lawyers can help you protect your rights. Due to their violent nature, assault offenses are often classified as felonies under the Texas Penal Code, which means significant penalties, including mandatory prison sentencing, may apply. Our attorneys will work to minimize the charges and the applicable sentencing.

Sex Crimes & Sexual Assault

Sex offenses vary from abuse and molestation to very serious crimes, such as sexual assault and rape. When an individual is accused of a sex crime, the personal, social, and professional ramifications can be extremely negative, even if the charges are ultimately dropped or a verdict of not guilty is reached. We can help mitigate the consequences of a sex offense investigation or charge, offering you the defense representation you deserve.

White Collar Crime

Fraud-related charges under federal law, such as securities fraud, mortgage fraud, and embezzlement, carry severe penalties and potential federal prison sentencing. We are able to handle these potentially complex matters, implementing effective legal defenses that may overcome these charges.

Computer Crimes

Our firm has experience defending clients who have been accused of cyber crimes, such as identity theft, Internet sex crimes, computer hacking, and cyber stalking. Whenever possible, we will seek to stop an investigation in the pre-arrest stage, and should charges be brought, we are prepared to zealously represent our clients in trial.


Our attorneys possess the knowledge, experience, and advocacy skills to handle all types of homicide charges, including death penalty murder cases. Furthermore, as a former prosecutor, Earl D. Musick understands the legal tactics and strategies employed by the State during a homicide investigation and proceeding. In one case, our firm not only successfully defended a wrongfully charged client, but also helped the State to find the individuals later accused of capital murder.

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