Try, Try, Try Again!

As much as I thought I would start blogging about a year ago, alas, I did not.  New Year, New Focus!  At least that is the plan for now.  I regularly think of things to write about, but sitting down and writing is another story.  With that in mind, my new goal is to write … Read more

49.04 + 37.09 = NOLLE; Police Video Exploits

On July 23, 2011, C.O. was arrested for DWI by Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Anthony Aulds. According to the report, Deputy Aulds received a call about a Chevy Silverado following an intoxicated driver westbound on Gulf Pump Road. The call slip said the Toyota had run off the road three or four times.[1] At 02:08 … Read more

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Well, that’s always the question!  I have so often thought about blogging.  Some people say blogging will increase your business.  I believe this to be false and thus have no intention of blogging about increasing business at my law firm.  Rather, trends and practices change so rapidly within the law that I believe this will … Read more