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Juvenile Terminology Basics

Despite the fact that most juvenile delinquency cases center upon what would otherwise be criminal law violations, the terminology used in the courtroom is somewhat

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System is Broken

‘This idea of total incarceration just isn’t working.’—Justice Anthony Kennedy Justice Kennedy and Justice Breyer speak out against a broken system. I agree! Incarceration is

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Managing Client Expectations

What does your client expect? Knowing what she expects can help you meet those expectations. Knowing what she expects can help you redirect those expectations

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HCCLA 45th Annual Banquet

I am honored to share this night with my friends and colleagues: Stanley Schneider, Mark Bennett, David Dow, Thuy Le, Nicolas Hughes, and David Ryan.

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not lasting long

Some say I’m obsessed. Some say it’s cool. Some say I remember that! My obsession with signs (neon signs, vintage signs, local signs, unique signs,

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time to teach

One of those Facebook “challenges” that made its rounds a while back asked you to name ten things that most people may not know about

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