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Prosecutorial Discipline

For decades, discipline for prosecutors was atypical and virtually nonexistent. Times are changing, though, it seems. First, Ken Anderson and Charles Sebesta and now line

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Age: Is it Just a Number?

A 17-year-old cannot vote, buy cigarettes or alcohol, and cannot serve in the armed forces. Yet, a 17-year-old is an adult for criminal prosecution purposes

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Good Deeds

Criminal defense lawyer extraordinaire Mark Bennett has done his fair share of good deeds. As he can tell you, no good deed goes unpunished. A true

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(il)Legal Copycat

In what Internet universe would a lawyer steal the words and work of another and not expect to be caught or called out? Why would

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Waller County Jail Report

The Waller County Civilian Commission report is finally out, and you can read it here: Recommended Police and Jail Practices We finished our review, and

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Right to Bear Stun Guns

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled a Massachusetts woman just might have a 2nd Amendment right to carry a stun gun. She was originally arrested,

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Unforeseen Consequences

Criminal convictions have intended consequences. They carry punishments that include life and liberty. Convictions can cause someone to be jailed for a period of time.

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Affluenza Teen Corrections

Sadly, so much of what I have read in the media regarding Ethan Couch, the notorious “affluenza teen,” is just legally wrong. Now, I am

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