Friends or the Government?

You know that old saying: keep your friends close and your social media friends even closer! Well that’s the new twist on the old saying.

Did you know that the police, the government, can create fake social media accounts and “friend” you? They can. And they do. They can use your own social media against you.

Four quick lessons:

1) Don’t post anything, I repeat anything, that could be used against you. Should go without saying, but alas it must be said. The world does not need to know your every move.

2) Know who your “friends” really are in case you post something that could be used against you.

3) Nothing you post on social media or the internet or electronically is ever private!

4) Police can lie; lawyers cannot. Lawyers cannot create fake accounts and friend others for use.

Be smart! Use social media wisely or not at all.

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