Lawyers and Social Media

Attorneys have the option to use social media to enhance their careers and businesses. But each attorney should keep in mind a few precautions before sharing anything. Failure to take these seriously can cost lawyers their jobs, or worse, their bar licenses. In her Corporate Counsel column, Julie Langdon cautions attorneys: Be Wary of … Read more

not lasting long

Some say I’m obsessed. Some say it’s cool. Some say I remember that! My obsession with signs (neon signs, vintage signs, local signs, unique signs, traveling signs) captures a memory or feeling. While the signs (or places they represent) may not last long, relatively speaking, they represent memories that last a lifetime. When i first … Read more

Friends or the Government?

You know that old saying: keep your friends close and your social media friends even closer! Well that’s the new twist on the old saying. Did you know that the police, the government, can create fake social media accounts and “friend” you? They can.¬†And they do. They can use your own social media against you. … Read more