Baseball, Apple Pie, and High Speed Police Escorts

Late for Work? Call a Trooper and Get to Work on Time

You’ve seen police escorts many times. Sometimes it’s a wide load. Other times maybe a caravan of equipment. Maybe even a funeral procession. We’ve come to expect them from time to time on Texas roadways. But did you know you could hire one when you’re late for work?
The Texas Rangers called upon a Texas state trooper to meet Joey Gallo and escort him into Arlington.

Gallo was sleeping and missed a couple calls from his manager. Apparently another employee was sick or something and Gallo was needed to cover a shift. Once awaken, he didn’t have much time to get there and, well, Texas is a big state. Gallo would have to drive from Round Rock, Texas, where he had just returned from some other business trip, to Arlington. Oh, and he was traveling by car. Round Rock to Arlington, according to MapQuest, is an approximate 181 miles and takes about 2 hours, 55 minutes on a good day with no additional traffic.

But you see, a normal drive wasn’t going to work. You know, traffic and all. So the Rangers, the baseball team not to be confused with the investigative unit of the Department of Public Safety, hired a trooper to escort him into Arlington. Flashing lights and all, the trooper cleared the way and made the last hour of the drive a bit faster.

“I probably shouldn’t say how fast I was going,” Gallo said. “It might have been a little dangerous. But they told me I was in the starting lineup. I had to get there. Having the police escort was pretty cool.”

So maybe next time you need to get to work in a hurry, you too should call a trooper. On the other hand, maybe Texas just loves baseball. In either event, Gallo did get there in time to warm up and even homer against Oakland in the fifth.

It was more than just a home run. It left the bat at 110 mph and traveled 448 feet into the seats just above the visitors bullpen in left field. It was the longest opposite field homer in Arlington by a Rangers lefty this season.

100 mph sounds pretty fast, but it may not have even been his top speed for the day. Imagine the speeds at which you might travel with a police escort clearing the way! After all, posted speed limits are just presumptions. Texas follows a reasonable and prudent test for maximum speeds.* Needing that home run was apparently both reasonable and prudent under the circumstances.

And there you have it folks: baseball, apple pie, and police escorts. Good for America and great for you when you’re running late to work.


*Texas Transportation Code Sec. 545.351. MAXIMUM SPEED REQUIREMENT. (a) An operator may not drive at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances then existing.

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