Bail Bonds

Unfortunately, incarceration in the county jail is a possibility for most criminal defendants. Once a person is charged with a crime, they must post a bond or bail to avoid being incarcerated pending court appearances. While this is not a pleasant process, it can be made quicker and easier with the assistance of a bail bondsman: a bonding company who can post your bond, for a fee, and walk you through the “no arrest bond” process.

For a reputable bonding company, we suggest Blackwood Bail Bonding. They are conveniently located near the courthouse on San Jacinto and provide prompt and reliable service. We receive no compensation from Blackwood nor do they pay for advertising on our site, but we highly recommend Blackwood for all your bonding needs. Of course, you are free to utilize the services of any bondsman you choose.

In addition to utilizing the services of a bondsman, you may post either a cash bond or seek a personal bond. A cash bond is posted by depositing the full amount of the bond with the county. The county will hold your money on deposit until the completion of the case or when the bond is otherwise dispensed with. A personal bond is basically a promise to appear in the future and only a small fee is required to process such. Although personal bonds are rare in Harris County, you may wish to discuss this possibility with your lawyer. In the event you wish to post a cash bond or seek a personal bond in Harris County, you can receive additional information by visiting the Harris County Sheriff’s Department website.

For information about a friend or loved one who is currently incarcerated in Harris
County or Montgomery County, visit our County Jail page.