Synthetic LSD “25i”

For the past several years, 25i (or synthetic LSD), a designer drug, has been sold and used in the greater Houston area. Many user believed this drug to be “legal”, and they were correct within the State of Texas for a short time. In Texas, drugs are listed by schedules (in the Controlled Substances Act) … Read more

Right to a Lawyer?

Do you really need a lawyer? I’m of the opinion, if you have to ask, then the answer is almost always “Yes.” But, consider this:  You are charged with a misdemeanor offense, you show up for court, and the judge asks, “Have you talked to the prosecutor yet?”  Saying no, the judge instructs you to … Read more

Try, Try, Try Again!

As much as I thought I would start blogging about a year ago, alas, I did not.  New Year, New Focus!  At least that is the plan for now.  I regularly think of things to write about, but sitting down and writing is another story.  With that in mind, my new goal is to write … Read more

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Well, that’s always the question!  I have so often thought about blogging.  Some people say blogging will increase your business.  I believe this to be false and thus have no intention of blogging about increasing business at my law firm.  Rather, trends and practices change so rapidly within the law that I believe this will … Read more