Managing Client Expectations

What does your client expect? Knowing what she expects can help you meet those expectations. Knowing what she expects can help you redirect those expectations when they are unrealistic. Communication is key in this regard. When you first meet a potential client, it is important that you ask her what she expects. Does she expect … Read more

HCCLA 45th Annual Banquet

I am honored to share this night with my friends and colleagues: Stanley Schneider, Mark Bennett, David Dow, Thuy Le, Nicolas Hughes, and David Ryan. We will honor their achievements as I am sworn in as President of HCCLA for the second time.  Make plans to join us!

not lasting long

Some say I’m obsessed. Some say it’s cool. Some say I remember that! My obsession with signs (neon signs, vintage signs, local signs, unique signs, traveling signs) captures a memory or feeling. While the signs (or places they represent) may not last long, relatively speaking, they represent memories that last a lifetime. When i first … Read more

time to teach

One of those Facebook “challenges” that made its rounds a while back asked you to name ten things that most people may not know about you. I was only able to list 7, but number 1 on the list was: I always wanted to be a teacher. Combine that with being a lawyer, and I … Read more

Jobs after Conviction: Not likely!

It is difficult enough to find work.  Saddle a person with a “conviction” or even a “probation” and employers will quickly pass on that applicant.  Our “tough on crime” mentality over the past 20-30 years has created an environment where 17 year olds (treated as adults for even minor offenses) with a first possession of … Read more

the Defender

In my spare time, I volunteer as editor of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association publication The Defender.  I have served as editor since 2009.  We publish 4 issues a year.  It’s a lot of work but is very rewarding. If you are interested in legal articles and procedures in Texas, this publication provides legal … Read more

Walls of Justice

The historic 1910 Courthouse in Harris County boldly displays the scales of justice above its entry; however, until recent years the courthouses of Harris County were devoid of our founding principles: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  These idocuments are the foundation and backbone of our system of Justice yet … Read more

New Outlook

I’m working on a new outlook for blogging! Making the time to blog proves to be my greatest challenge; however, I want to be able to share current information and trends in criminal justice.  Being informed is the greatest asset. I pride myself on being able to provide information and expertise to my clients. While … Read more

Friends or the Government?

You know that old saying: keep your friends close and your social media friends even closer! Well that’s the new twist on the old saying. Did you know that the police, the government, can create fake social media accounts and “friend” you? They can. And they do. They can use your own social media against you. … Read more